vandecasteele_lorryWe are pleased to announce Vandecasteele Houtimport as the lead sponsor of the Timber Buyers and Specifiers Forum for 2015!

Genevieve Standaert, export manager of the Belgian-based international trader commented 'We are further strengthening our commitment to Timber Expo by taking on the lead sponsorship of the Timber Buyers and Specifiers Forum and we know that this aspect of the show will be busy and vibrant across the two open daysí.

Vandecasteele are Europeís premier timber stockist with vast quantities, specifications and species of both hardwoods and softwoods available.
Four generations have built on their knowledge to build one of the finest timber companies in Europe, making Vandecasteele truly unique. Their Europe-wide distribution facilities provide efficient delivery to the UK within 1 to 3 days. A modern machining mill meets the needs of customers for high-quality timber products. The latest computer system provides unquestionable efficiencies, meaning instant response to customer orders and inquiries regarding stock availability, quality, specification, unit price and delivery.

You can also visit Vandecasteele at Timber Expo (directly adjacent to the timber buyers and specifiers forum) or for more information visit their website at www.vandecasteele.be